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The Diamond Tennis Bracelet

In 1987, tennis player Chris Evert's diamond bracelet fell off and she refused to play until it had been recovered. Since that day, the style of small diamonds in a long row has gone by the name "tennis bracelet." This design is also commonly referred to as a diamond infinity bracelet or inline bracelet. It is one of the most popular forms of diamond bracelets sold today due to its versatile nature and elegant appearance. Diamond tennis bracelets are lightweight, flexible, and strong; they can be worn both on the tennis court and to an evening soiree.

Finding the Perfect Fit

When buying a diamond bracelet, a comfortable fit is crucial. In diamond tennis bracelets or other clasped bracelets, look for a length that dangles nicely around the wrist but is not so loose that it falls off. Between seven and eight inches is an average size for a women's bracelet; a finger should be able to fit between your wrist and the bracelet. A diamond bangle should slide on and off snugly without the risk of slipping off accidentally. If possible, try on your diamond bracelet before purchasing to ensure the length and clasp style work for your wrist. If you have any questions about how a bracelet should fit, you can always speak to one of our staff at DeRobertis Jewelers.

Choosing a Clasp

An important aspect of choosing the perfect diamond bracelet also involves selecting a fastening style. There are several different fasteners, each with their own benefits. Lobster clasps and spring rings provide the most security, while magnetic closures are the easiest to affix around the wrist. S-hooks and toggle clasps are endlessly customizable; pearl and box clasps offer a vintage effect while staying securely fastened. For help finding the best clasp for you, visit DeRobertis Jewelers serving the West Hartford area, where you will find employees with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to guide you when purchasing a diamond bracelet.

A Symbolic Endless Circle

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, look no further: the endless loop of a diamond bracelet is the perfect expression of an endless love and a constant reminder that you will cherish them forever. At DeRobertis Jewelers in the West Hartford community, we stock a carefully curated selection of diamond bangles and bracelets in a variety of metals that is sure to please. If you have a design already in mind, we at DeRobertis Jewelers pride ourselves on our exceptional custom design center. All of our diamond bracelets feature secure and easy-to-fasten locking mechanisms to keep your jewelry on your wrist.

Find the Best Diamond Bracelets

At DeRobertis Jewelers, we are dedicated to helping you find you or your loved one will treasure forever. Shop our handpicked selection of fine jewelry and see what the best jewelry store in the West Hartford area has to offer!