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You’re a Gem!

Gemstone jewelry is vivacious, unique, dramatic, flirty, and full of personality. Sound like you? The perfect colorful accompaniment to your favorite outfits, unique engagement ring, or anniversary gift, gemstone jewelry is an underrated category of distinctive and cost-effective jewelry. Precious stones — such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds — don't scratch easily and come in a variety of vivid colors. Amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, and other semi-precious stones are perfect for birthstone jewelry, mother's rings, or statement pieces to go with your favorite outfit. Gemstone jewelry is perfect for small gifts and tokens of love since it is affordable and available in a range of sizes and quality. A large selection of gemstone rings, earrings, and more are available at DeRobertis Jewelers.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Why should diamond rings get all the attention? Gemstone rings set with precious or semi-precious stones are unique and beautiful. Receiving a sapphire as an engagement ring has become more commonplace in recent years: sapphires are available in blue, pink, yellow, or even white (also known as colorless). Morganite's peachy pink shade is also growing in popularity as a choice for an engagement ring. If you're considering a gemstone engagement ring, look for something that you'll feel comfortable wearing every day for the rest of your life. With a sapphire or other precious gemstone ring, you will stand apart from the crowd and have something that matches your style and personality.

A Special Anniversary

You've likely heard of Gold, Silver, and Ruby anniversaries, but there's actually a particular present for each anniversary. Just like birthstones go with the months, each anniversary year has a different gemstone, color, or metal associated with it. For example, a fourth anniversary gift is associated with the color blue, and blue topaz is the traditional gemstone. Blue topaz is a gemstone that comes in a spectrum of blue hues, ranging from a clear, light robin's egg blue to a darker, more lapis-like color. The sentiment of a blue topaz is very sweet, symbolizing romance, affection, and love. Look for gemstone jewelry associated with your anniversary year for a sweet gift that they'll always remember.

Diamond Alternatives

Whether you're trying to be more eco-conscious or you don't think it's worth going into debt for a diamond but still want a naturally-occurring stone, clear gemstones are gaining traction and popularity as diamond alternatives. Colorless sapphires and moissanite are the most diamond-like gemstones and have much of the durability, hardness, and sparkle that diamonds do. Other stones like morganite and aquamarine don't have quite the same colorless qualities, but they catch the light in the same way a diamond would. For your next purchase, why not try an aquamarine ring or a pair of moissanite earrings to mix it up a little?

Gemstone Fine Jewelry at DeRobertis Jewelers

To see what fabulous gemstone jewelry is in stock today, visit our showroom in the Bloomfield area. The jewelers and staff at DeRobertis Jewelers are excited to help you find exactly what you're looking for or help you discover something totally new! For gemstone jewelry, unique engagement rings, custom jewelry, watches, and more, check out DeRobertis Jewelers, the best and friendliest jewelry store in the Bloomfield area!